Parker Hughes Institute Advisory Board
The Parker Hughes Institute Scientific Advisory Board is an organization whose members include leading scientists and physicians and corporate citizens concerned with cancer-fighting research and treatment. The 18-member group collaborates with and advises the Parker Hughes Institute, discussing research progress and prioritizing upcoming projects.


Since its inception in 1997, the Scientific Advisory Board has concentrated primarily on the Parker Hughes Institutes research progress. Striving for treatment availability, the Board members present some of the most important issues confronting the fight against cancer.

The Objectives of the Parker Hughes Institute Scientific Advisory Board

  • Provide technical assistance in fighting and identifying cancer through its access to top research institutions and findings
  • Support actions that lead to further research of cancer, AIDS, and diseases of the immune system
  • Explore alternatives for patients who depend primarily on standard therapies to prevent, detect and treat diseases.
  • Increase knowledge, awareness and capabilities of Parker Hughes Institute
  • Work with Parker Hughes Institute researchers to increase their insight and experience in cancer treatment and related processes, empowering them to exercise leading authority in the field
  • Create an educational and research base to support Parker Hughes Institutes efforts in its fight against diseases.

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