Parker Hughes Cancer Center

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Parker Hughes Cancer Center brings together specialized scientists, doctors, and nurses who are determined to discover the most successful and least toxic treatments tailored for each patient's best possible outcome.

Basic Research

Good, solid basic research at Parker Hughes Cancer Center is the first step in finding the cure for cancer. The primary goal of research is to identify the mechanisms responsible for the development of diseases.

The team approach is crucial, because it gives this integrated group of dedicated scientists and medical professionals the ability to look at cancer from all aspects.

This multi-faceted perspective offers a better, more complete picture of this devastating diease. It's a view that can ultimately help develop, design and tailor new and more effective drugs - breakthrough drugs that are filled with promise and hope.

Translational Research

Parker Hughes Cancer Center scientists and physicians take basic research discoveries and "translate" them into safe and effective treatments for patients suffering from cancer. Most often these are gentler treatments that are less painful, less physically debilitating and less systemically damaging, yet strong enough to fight cancer at its core.