Parker Hughes Cancer Center

Donate to Parker Hughes Cancer Center

A gift to Parker Hughes Cancer Center contributes to advances in cancer research and helps Parker Hughes Institute scientists in their search for improved treatments for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.

Donations made to the Parker Hughes Cancer Center can be earmarked for specific research areas, placed in memorial funds, given directly to patient services, or contributed to general operating funds. When a gift is received, a special letter of notification is sent to the person or family that the donor chooses, and the donor will receive an acknowledgement letter. Such contributions are tax deductible.

Parker Hughes Cancer Center special programs include:

The Women's Center Initiative

This initiative was established in the name of Jessica Falcone who was the first patient to receive a new form of a very promising anti-cancer therapy. As a result of Jessica's courage to go through the treatment and beat cancer we will now be able to help so many more women with cancer.

The Cancer Prevention Program

This program was established in memory of Parker Hughes, Mrs. Melike Uckun and Admiral E.R. Zumwalt and the many millions of men, women, and children who have been victims of cancer. This program is aimed at developing effective methods that will prevent cancer.

The Quest for a Cure for Leukemia

This program was established in memory of Michael Boyum, a young man leukemia took away from us. Michael did not want any other patient to have to go through what he did. This program shows the firm committment of the Parker Hughes Cancer Center to fulfill our promise to Michael

The Hannah Rose Schaefer Cancer Epidemiology and Etiology Program

This program was established in the name of a young girl who beat the odds and won a courageous battle against leukemia. This program will support the study of how cancer develops.

For More InformationThe Parker Hughes Cancer Center Cancer welcomes the opportunity to discuss ways in which you can donate to specific cancer research efforts. Your inquiry will be held in confidence and implies no obligation.